Sharing Facebook Pages and Apps

We need access to your Facebook App and Facebook to advertise your apps on Facebook . Here are instructions on how to share both with us (or any partner).

These instructions assume you have already signed up for Facebook Business, have admin access, and manage your pages and apps from it. If you have not you can learn about Facebook Business here

Granting Access to a Facebook App


Navigate to Business Manager Settings

Navigate to Apps from the left side menu. Click the "Assign Partner" button. You will see a pop-up box that asks for the business ID of the partner. GameChangerSF's ID is 477118515758542

We are now able to assign your app to an advertising account. We are almost there!

Granting Partner Access to a Facebook Page:


Navigate to Business Settings > Pages

Locate the page you want to share and click "Assign Partner". Choose the "page advertiser" role, copy that URL and email it to us at

Sharing a Facebook Ads Account

If we are going to use your Facebook account, you should also generate a link to share it. It works the same way as pages. Navigate to accounts on the left hand menu, rinse and repeat the instructions from Granting Page Access. If we are only looking at the account for information, select Analyst. If we are going to use it for advertising select Advertiser.

That's it! We should be ready to get you great users!