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Top 10 Games and 100 Grossing on a $60K budget, with payback within a month

— App Downloads in 10 days
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— Return on Investment in 30 Days
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Love & Hip The Game was developed by Montreal's Behaviour Interactive for Viacom. Based on the hit VH1 show of the same name. Viacom did not initially think it needed to advertise to get to the top of the charts. They felt the brand, house ads on Viacom properties, and Apple's feature would be sufficient. However, Behaviour (a long-term GCSF partner) put GameChangerSF on standby to promote L&HH if it did not reach it's goal. A few days after release it became clear the game would not reach the top 10 in games, or even the top 25, without a skillful advertising campaign. Apple chose not to feature the game and organic installs fell far short of expectations. Viacom had only set aside $60,000 for advertising the launch.


With only $60,000 launch budget and no App Store feature, we propelled the game into Top 9 Free Games in the US and into 100 Top Grossing with 187% ROI within 5 days. We even briefly passed Pokémon GO, the top game of 2016, on the top download charts.


Love and Hip Hop 30-day ROI


Downloads by Source at Launch of Love & Hip Hop The Game


Love and Hip Hop the Game Briefly Overtakes Pokémon GO

Phil Shpilberg