60 Days to Profit for Star Trek Timelines

Original case study published by Facebook


— App downloads in 90 days
— return on ad spend in first 60 days
— Of advertising installs came from Facebook


Disruptor Beam, working with a license from CBS,  developed and published a new Star Trek strategy role-playing game (SRPG). Star Trek Timelines is a story-driven social game in allowed millions of fans to build their ultimate starship and crew, while exploring the vast Star Trek multiverse along with their favorite characters from across all eras. The launch of STT needed to be a major event and Disruptor Beamed tapped GameChangerSF as its partner for it's mobile performance marketing. To succeed, the game would need to reach not only the loyal Star Trek fan base but expand it's reach to casual fans, science fiction fans and far beyond.



With thousands of people downloading and playing Star Trek Timelines, we recouped the ad investment quickly, and will continued to see its return on ad spend rise as players spend more money on in-app purchases.

During the January–March 2016 launch campaign, Disruptor Beam saw:

  • 1.3 million downloads in first 90 days

  • 50% of all paid installs came from Facebook

  • 1.2X return on ad spend in the first 60 days (mobile app ads)

  • 5X return on ad spend in the first 60 days (boosted posts)

Phil Shpilberg