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What we do

We deliver customers to mobile apps using a process that is data-driven, measurable, transparent, results-oriented and very effective. We are the most experienced Performance Marketing team on mobile.

We have delivered millions of customers and hundreds of millions in revenue to app developers across many games and genres. In the wild and rapidly evolving world of mobile marketing, we are your strategic partner who can help you grow fast and avoid pitfalls.


Mobile Marketing Strategy

We make it our business to understand yours. We start with product and audience analysis and plan every step from soft launch to achieving scale worldwide. We don’t just take things as given; we test every assumption and optimize Key Performance Indicators for better conversion and profitability. 

  • Custom launch planning, with multiple scenarios
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting 
  • Multi-channel and multi-media campaign planning
  • Product positioning and audience analysis with A/B testing
  • Creative concept, strategy and tactics
  • Tools set-up consulting – attribution, analytics and custom reporting that fit your specific goals
  • Conversion funnel optimization with A/B Testing
  • Maximize Organic Growth: Full funnel optimization includes App Store and Google Play page optimization and A/B testing.


Performance Marketing & User Acquisition

Performance Marketing: Armed with technology, data and methodology developed over years and hundreds of products, we deliver powerful and measurable marketing experiences to the right audience at the right time across app types and genres.

We rely on years of experience, unique proprietary data and constant innovation in creative, targeting and campaign optimization methods to achieve outstanding results. Just ask our clients

Targeting- Audience intelligence and targeting tools are evolving fast, and not only on Facebook. Through innovative technologies and smarter use of data, GameChangerSF builds custom audiences for each client, reaching consumers with relevant messages when they are most receptive.

Multi-channel & Multi-Media – Leveraging our relationships, superior API tools and knowledge of the ecosystem; we maximize buying efficiency and ROI across all channels from in-app video to programmatic buying on exchanges. 

Paid Social - GameChangerSF is unrivaled on Facebook & Instagram by the sheer scale and profitability of our campaigns. The results speak for themselves and make for a case study (see link below). Our API tool adds extra efficiency at scale, allowing to test and optimize numerous variants of creative, bidding and targeting on the fly.

Brand Marketing – Our team is experienced in the integration of mobile marketing with television, radio, audio, influencer marketing and the multi-media extensions of brand marketing campaigns. The difference is that we measure the results. The days of dumb media buying are over. Make your brand dollars perform.

Re-targeting and Re-Engagement – Reconnecting and converting existing customers is often the most profitable marketing activity. GameChangerSF helps maximize its scale and effectiveness for mobile campaigns. Our propriety audience tracking and retargeting tools start preparing retargeting right from the start of our campaigns.

Maximizing Organic Growth – GameChangerSF’s process and tools don’t just maximize paid installs, they also help drive organic installs, increasing ROI at no extra cost. Our process optimizes the conversion funnel, adding more value, and money, to your bottom line.

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    Creative Strategy & Execution 

    When it comes to telling the story, we are all in. Informed by audience insights, analysis of the value proposition and product positioning, our creative campaigns are unique and relevant. Unlike traditional creative agencies, we have the tools to test messages and concepts directly, instantly evaluate the impact, and adapt on the fly. We aren’t after awards, we are after results for your business.

    • Mobile display banners and interstitial concepts and creations
    • Interactive & Carousel ad units
    • Mobile video from script to screen
    • Original brand story creation
    • Animated GIFs
    • Virtual Reality Ads


    Game Changing Tools & Custom Reporting

    When it comes to reporting on the performance, we go beyond transparency. We tell rich stories with numbers, interpreting results, revealing underlying factors and driving strategy. Every client’s unique business goals naturally lead to unique reporting requirements and process, and we are happy to accommodate.  

    The GameChangerSF Dashboard displays costs, conversions, marketing spend, ROI, event integration, tracking, measuring, and reporting metrics; all displayed according to your preferences and needs. Our dashboard and your KPIs are made for each other!


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