Case Study Art - Doom

Venture Valley

UGC Ad Creation and Testing


Venture Valley was created to inspire and teach young people about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The Singleton Foundation wanted to reach young people on TikTok to get them to download and play the game, but were having a difficult time getting the results they wanted.


GameChangerSF created and ran UGC ads that were more native to the TikTok platform. We created multiple UGC ads using two different actors that we ran on TikTok against the previous animated ads.

The UGC ads outperformed the animated ads

Conversion Rate: 146%

CTR: 9%

IPM: 172%

eCPI: -52%

How Age Targeting Restrictions Impact Meta Acquisition Costs

Broad age targeting delivered an overall 42% lower CPI than narrow age targeting.

Broad age targeting also consistently delivered better CPI results on a monthly basis than narrow age targeting.

The following results provide a better understanding on how narrowing down the audience targeting can limit campaign performance and lead to higher acquisition costs.

Meta Broad vs Narrow Age Targeting CPI