Case Study Art - Doom

Addams Family: Mystery Mansion


The Addams Family: Mystery Mansion needed to improve audience interaction across the board, with an emphasis on overall IPM.



Services Provided

Strategy & Positioning, Video Production, MultiVid, UA Strategy,    ROAS Optimization


Multivariate testing and new, engaging advertising creative that was optimized around aspects of the license and game that resonated most with the audience.

By The Numbers

CVR: 70.6%

CTR: 3.5%

IPM: 74.6%

Why MultiVid?

Quickly create multiple versions of ads to facilitate:

  • Multivariate Testing
  • Localization
  • Distribution
  • Reporting

MultiVid Example


Too many ads needed


3 characters, 3 gameplay, 3 audio choices, 7 languages, 2 platforms, 4 sizes:

3x3x3xx7x2x4 = 1512 videos required!


MultiVid Automation

Multivariate Ad Testing

27 ads tested for best performing top funnel

  • Network: Facebook
  • Country: US

Audience: Top LALs

Input: Configuring Video Elements

27 Ads Created From These Combinations

A Winning Combination

Best Performing Top Funnel

Winning Attributes:

  • Opening Character: Gomez
  • Gameplay: “Expand into New Zones”
  • CTA Character: Morticia

Previous KPIs:

  • CTR: 1.7%
  • CVR: 66%
  • IPM: 11.4

Winning KPIs:

  • CTR: 2.9% (70.6% increase)
  • CVR: 68.3% (3.5% increase)
  • IPM: 19.9 (74.6% increase)

Reporting – Custom Dashboards for Client Access